Pecha Kucha

Saturday, March 25, 8 PM

The Amity Gallery presents the first of a series of Pecha Kucha evenings. Started over a decade ago, Pecha Kucha nights are informal and fun gatherings where people get together to share their enthusiasms, ideas, and thoughts. The Pecha Kucha  format consists of 20 images displayed for 20 seconds while the presenter describes and explains them.

Presenters on the March 25th evening will include:

*Dr. Ricard Hull on Architectural Styles in Warwick’s History : What Architecture Tells About Culture and History.

*Zoe Cone, Julia Grosso, Rebecca Pry- Wild Realm

*Pat Foxx on Surprising Sloths

*Harvey Greenwald on Trout Fishing:  A Rite of Passage

*Patricia DeBruhl on An Introduction to the Principality of Wales