PechaKucha nights are fun, informal gatherings where people share their stories and passions in a concise format. PechaKucha is Japanese for chit chat. It is the world’s fastest growing story telling platform used by millions around the globe.

The Amity Gallery presented the first of a series of PechaKucha evenings in March 2017. Started over a decade ago, PechaKucha nights are informal and fun gatherings where people get together to share their enthusiasms, ideas, and thoughts. The PechaKucha format consists of 20 images displayed for 20 seconds while the presenter describes and explains them.

We hope to start PechaKucha events again in 2022, as soon as it is safe. 

PechaKucha Website – Warwick

Visit the PechKucha website. Take a look at all the previous PechaKucha presentations we made in Warwick .

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