A Network of Fungi Art

The Hudson Valley holds beautiful fruiting bodies of Fungi year round, and many of us have had a fascination with them since childhood. Fungi makes for a never ending subject of exploration in art and science as it is in every corner of our lives and in nature. Like fungi using a mycelium network to transfer messages and nutrients, we are gathering to share our own perspective of these ancient life forms.

Artists Featured in Amity Gallery’s May Exhibit

Renee Baumann  Renee Makes    instagram @renee_makes_thing

Serena’s Nature  Serena’s Nature    instagram @serenasnature

 Goodnight Stetz  Goodnight Stetz   instagram @goodnightstetz

Roberta Trentin  Mushroom Music   instagram @bluesprucewonderings

Jean Brennan Fruit and Rot   instagram @fruitandrot

Zoe Cone   zoecone.com  instagram @zoecone

Judith Tong  Judith Tong 

Ellie Stover  Catskill Fungi  instagram @elliestover.studio

Aurora Brush  instagram @cosmicdoghousepress

Lena Deleo  instagram @arttherapysyracuse

Bill Graziano Metal Workshop Studio Visit 

Safa Naimah  instagram @blacspiritual

Lauren Hollick www.laurenhollick.com

Kieran Begley  instagram @singlepointedfocus

Kirsten Gabrielsen  instagram for knits @danstrik_kg

Emily Genender instagram for embroidery @cityrat.ny

Pat Macdonald website

Doug Milne 

Lily Norton

Samantha Levine

Bryan Hague

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