An Artful Reunion


The Sundwalls moved to Montgomery NY in 2015.  Married 27 years, they met in the art group at the School of Practical Philosophy in NYC.  They both study and tutor at a branch of the School in Wallkill Hamlet, where the core teaching is Advaita — non-duality.  The philosophy seeks to discover the unity which underlies the apparent diversity in the creation, and the same methods used to discover and know the ultimate reality of oneself can be applied to everything one does, including the making of art.

The basic principals are:

Self- aware, let the work begin from stillness

Allow the attention to rest on the work

Surrender all unnecessary thinking

Follow the flow of the work without seeking results

Joseph and Elizabeth rediscover themselves in the creative process.  When other concerns fall away, one can delight in the feel of the tools being used while simply watching the work take place.  In self-awareness there is also a profound appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the creation.  Ultimately, wherever you look you find yourself.

“It’s a gift to live a life with someone who is equally passionate about art and devoted to making it.  Although we work separately for long stretches of time, we can always rely on the other’s support and encouragement.  It’s ever illuminating to see what has emerged from our work each day, and to share new insights and discoveries that inform it and keep us going back to the easel.”

The Sundwalls will be working on site throughout the exhibition.  You are invited to talk to them about their materials, methods and approach to the work, or you can just look over their shoulders and watch it take place.