PechaKucha Night #3


Title:  PechaKucha Night #3

Time:  8 PM

Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017

Contact: Pat Foxx  845-258-0818 or Phyllis 845-258-4563

PechaKucha is a way to tell stories.  It’s a concise format whereby the presenter talks along with 20 images that are each projected for 20 seconds. The talk lasts 6 ½ minutes.  It started in Japan and is now in 900 cities around the world. Warwick is one of them!

The presenters for our third evening of stories are:

Richard Hull – My Father’s World: Barns and Farms in Warwick’s Past

Kate Prendergast  – Prasava Sutra Birth

Lynn Youland  – Message from Armenia

Dan Mack – Objects as Magical Decoys and Divine Allurements

Gail Buckland -A Life in Photography

Diane Arcieri – Eugene Arcieri, Woodstock Artist….Visionary

Each will share their images and stories for an evening of variety and fascinating revelations.  Refreshments will be served. Donation: $5.00


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