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What do I See?-Watercolor Collage

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What do I See?

” A lifetime of the artist drawing from the nude model has given way to placing the drawn figure within an atmosphere. Some paintings include a friend or partner. The figures may find themselves hidden, lost or within a mysterious cloud.” Roslyn Fassett Nov., 2020

Once Again

Woman and Poppy – Roslyn Fassett – pencil and watercolor on paper.
Woman and Poppy – Roslyn Fassett – pencil and watercolor on paper

Roslyn Fassett and Linda Rahl Nadas exhibited their paintings and sculptures together fifteen years ago in the Atlantic Gallery in New York City.  They chose to show their work together because they believe their work echoes each others.

Ceramic sculpture: Trees by Linda Rahl Nadas
Ceramic sculpture: Trees by Linda Rahl Nadas







Once Again, their show in September at the Amity Gallery, will bring them together again. Ms. Fassett has combined pencil drawing and watercolors of women in motion interwoven with  paintings of some of the favorite flowers growing in her garden – delphinium, parrot tulips and scarlet poppies. She is a graduate of the Cooper Union and is a member of the Prince Street Gallery.  She has taught African art history at SUNY Purchase.

Ms. Nadas has an MFA from Alfred University and has taught at OCCC, in public schools and in her studio.  Her one of a kind pottery forms and sculptures will be on display at the gallery. She says of her work: “I create with clay in a spontaneous way. By using form, texture, space, line, movement, color and light, my works become personal statements based on laws of chance. I expect viewers to translate in their own way whatever they may see.