James Garvey Vessels

James Garvey is a blacksmith with a differenceCaptureBlacksmith

James Garvey is a blacksmith with a difference. His love of creating metal sculptures is expressed by his statement,” Blacksmithing involves passion, intellect and full force physical input.” As an instructor in the Art Student League’s metal forging class he has been an inspiration to his students as well as having an accomplished career as a blacksmith and artist.

Garvey earned a BFA from Colorado State University. He was a student of Mrs. Louise March; a spiritual teacher and director of fine handcrafted objects. He later joined the New York City Ironworkers Union and participated in the repair of the Statue of Liberty.

An exhibition of his forged iron, sculptural Vessels and ink drawings will be on display every weekend in November from noon to 4 p.m. at the Amity Gallery, 110 Newport Bridge Road, Warwick, NY. The artists reception will be held on Saturday, November 3, from 5:00-7:00 PM. There will also be an Artist Talk on Saturday, December 1, at 1:00 PM. This is a rare opportunity to see Garvey’s work and to see the potential of forged iron as a sculptural media and process.


On Saturday, December 1, at 1:00 PM there will be an Artist Talk by James Garvey at the Amity Gallery in Warwick, NY.This will also be the last opportunity to see James Garvey’s exhibition at the Gallery. James will be explaining his process in creating forged metal sculpture and his life and career as an Artist/Blacksmith. The show is an extraordinary collection of his forged iron Vessels. The vessels demonstrate James’ skill as an artist blacksmith and his ability to express his concerns emotionally and spiritually through sculpture and forged metal.Following the Artist Talk there will be food, refreshments and an opportunity to talk with James and enjoy his work. It should be an entertaining and enlightening experience. Hopefully, James will be firing up his outdoor display, Tripod and Fire Bowl.Hope that you’ll be able to attend what I believe will be a great program. Please encourage friends interested in Sculpture and Metal Forging to come along.


Kick-Off Concert


The Amity Gallery salutes the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival with an exhibition of paintings and photographs by talented local artists whose artistry pays tribute to some of the great jazz musicians of our time.

Ron Gee, born in Los Angeles, studied art history and studio art at Princeton University.  Drawing from Eastern and Western sources, he often merges vocabularies that refer to both traditions. He derives inspiration from the past and the present, from his immediate natural surroundings as well as from his study of ancient Chinese philosophy and the practice of qigong. The portraits in this exhibit combine classical technique with expressionist exuberance.

Ian Sharp was a dynamic creative who used his artistic impulses to paint subjects that were close to his heart – spiritual and political icons as well as jazz masters.  He is remembered in his community as a force for good.

Milton Mesirow’s photographs of the Paris jazz scene are historical treasures. He is the son of ‘Mezz’ Mezzrow who was part of the jazz scene in Chicago, New York and Paris, France in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Spending time there with his father gave Mesirow access to jazz sessions where the great players interacted and made recordings that are still loved today. His photographs are informal, spontaneous, and insightful.

Gwen Schaffer is a jazz aficionado and artist.  She is known for putting down JAZZ as her religion when filling out paperwork. She studied art at Montclair State College. Her paintings express her admiration and deep connection to the famous players of the past.

The Reception of this exhibit on August 4 from 5 – 7 PM will be followed by a concert by the Hudson Valley Jazz Ensemble featuring Eric Person. Suggested donation: $15.

Bud Powell and Thelonius Monk on the Streets of Paris – Milt Mesirow

Charlie Parker by Gwen Schaffer

Parker’s Mood by Ron Gee

Miles Davis by Ian Sharp

Louis Armstrong by Hal Gaylor





















Title: Glimmer Songs performed by Robert Agnello

Date:  Saturday May 19 at 2 PM Contact:  Pat 845-258-0818

Robert Agnello, Emmy Award winning artist and award winning author, has written music for some of the greatest shows on TV including Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and Pete and Pete.

A Glimmer is a being of light. They are what make the world glow.

There are Glimmers of love, hope, compassion, joy and truth. Glimmers are born every time a good deed is done and truth is told. There are Glimmers of love, Glimmers of hope, Glimmers of compassion, Glimmers of joy and Glimmers of truth.

These songs bring the wonders of The Glimmers to light. Children are free,

adults $5 donation.


Fascinating Rhythm

May flyer

Fascinating Rhythm: The Music of George and Ira Gershwin

Time: 8 PM, May 12, 2018 Contact:  Pat 845-258-0818

Jack Schnur worked for CBS for 30 years as a video tape editor.

He has been presenting audio visual programs since 1998 and will celebrate  20 years of programming in 2018, performing between 40 to 50 presentations a year for a total of nearly 1000 performances by 2018.

Mr. Schnur edits, writes and narrates each program and currently presents over 50 different programs including tributes to Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald and many other popular entertainers.He also does programs about many comedians such as Carol Burnett, Steve Martin, Mel Brooks and  Danny Kaye.

Mr. Schnur also presents programs on the great American songwriters, with tributes to George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein and Steven Sondheim.

He  performs in libraries on Long Island as well as senior groups and has also performed at Hofstra University and  at Farmingdale State College, both in Long Island.

Jack Schnur                                         George & Ira Gershwin