(East) Coastal: Photographs by Jerry Novesky

Venue: Amity Gallery in Amity, NY

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 4, from 5 – 7 pm

Exhibit: Month of April, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 – 4 pm

(East) Coastal reflects more than 15 years of travel up and down the Atlantic Coast from Key West to Nova Scotia. The photos in this exhibit focus on major elements of the very special coastal environment. Where sea and land and sky meet, things seem to be just a bit more intense, more beautiful, more powerful.

Co-founder (with his wife, Janet Crawshaw) and former editor-in-chief of The Valley Table magazine, Jerry Novesky grew up in Middletown and earned a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (poetry) from Ohio University. He has published dozens of articles and photographs in diverse publications ranging from Darkroom Photography and The American Fly Fisher to Audubon Action and American Health, and has edited more than two dozen books on natural history, outdoor recreation and Hudson Valley history.

WOW…5 Years!

The Amity Gallery, first opened in June 2014, is celebrating five years of art exhibits, music, poetry and performances.

A Celebratory Exhibit in December

Amity Gallery 5 Years
Amity Gallery Five Years Celebration

The Amity Gallery, first opened in June 2014, is celebrating five years of art exhibits, music, poetry and performances.  Our December Exhibit, (Dec. 7 – Dec. 22) “Wow..Five Years!”  showcases many of the artists that have previously exhibited. The opening reception will be Saturday, December 14th, 5 pm-7 pm.  The Amity Gallery, located at 110 Newport Bridge Rd. Warwick, NY, is open weekends from 1-4 pm.

Located in the hamlet of Amity in Warwick, the Amity Gallery has been a venue for over 50 visual artists,  musicians, poets, actors and story tellers. The Gallery also hosts PechaKucha Nights, which are fun, informal gatherings where people share their stories and passions in a concise format.

Amity House 1909
Amity House in 1909

Rich in history, the Gallery and the adjacent building have housed a roadhouse for travelers, school classrooms, a bakery and artists workshops. Since the early 60’s the buildings have been owned by the Chardavogne Group also known as Institute for Religious Development. The Chardavogne Group was founded by Dr. Willem Nyland and follows the spiritual teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff.

Claire Gilliam – Life Lines

I began the series Life Lines two or three years ago, after coming into the possession of recent MRI scans of my brain.


I began the series Life Lines two or three years ago, after coming into the possession of recent MRI scans of my brain. The scans, which I spent hours pouring over, both fascinated and horrified me. Even though I’d always known the seriousness of it, I was suddenly confronted with visual evidence of the long ago but significant brain injury I’d sustained as a baby. A large dark mass on the left hemisphere still declaring loudly, after 40 years, my narrow escape. Around the same time, I also experienced a difficult and continuous period of profound familial loss.

Both these episodes left me thinking about the body in a very different way than I had before: I became interested in the biology and physiology of our bodies and the seemingly cruel, capricious way a body can behave, vacillating between strength and fragility. I began to make drawings from the MRIs, at first visually recording the brain itself, to understand how its structure and pathways form to activate the circumstances of the individual being we become. As the series has developed, the imagery has dissolved into abstraction, capturing something more existential. 

Please join me for the opening reception on Saturday, November 2 from 5.00-7.00pm (the Amity Gallery will be open to visitors from 1 pm)

The Gallery is open every weekend from 1.00-4.00 pm.


Patterns and Rhythms


John Toth is an intermedia artist who uses a computer as an instrument to explore the layering of sculpture, painting, music, sound, dance, video, film, and written text. This allows for relationships to be made between media.  His multi-perceptual collages explore the effects of presenting simultaneous impressions. The intent is to broaden the language of artistic expression and consider the ways in which our multiple sense effect the way we experience life around us.

Martha and Morgan Haude: Water and Clay


The August exhibit at the Amity Gallery will feature the watercolor paintings of Martha Haude and the ceramics of her daughter, Morgan Haude.

Martha Haude utilizes many objects that she has collected in her world travels as subjects for her watercolors.  She also loves gardening, another theme to be found in her watercolors.

Morgan Haude is a ceramicist and painter living in the Hudson Valley. She received her BFA from Alfred University and since 2007 has worked as a sculptor and painter for a prosthetic company. Clay has been a lifelong passion but she enjoys working in a wide variety of mediums and she is always looking for her next hobby.



Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 6.44.06 AM.png

Three Artists celebrate Life Forms in an exhibit at the Amity Gallery
Three artists, Jan Corash, Roslyn Fassett, and Phyllis Lehman, in their own way, celebrate the human form in an exhibit at the Amity Gallery in Warwick, NY.  The subject, the female nude, explores and reveals the vital and various ways one responds to this eternally revered subject.
I am interested on what a body says about life. states Jan Corash. Using charcoal and ink for a deep tonal range, she prefers a sketchy drawing, one that it not too neat, one where the hand clearly has presence.
Revealing nature and the feminine united has bee a lifelong interest of Roslyn Fassett.Her watercolor and graphite collages poetry the spirit and radiance of the earth and sky joined with mystical images of women.
Phyllis Lehman explains that in her acrylic and crayon painting of nudes, as with her landscapes, she prefers to be in the immediate presence of the subject as it reveals an aliveness fresh with nuances and surprises.
Their July show, Life Forms, will be exhibited at the Amity Gallery, 110 Newport Bridge Rd. in Warwick, The gallery, in the the quiet hamlet of Amity, is open weekends from 1-4pm. A reception will be held July 6 from 5-7pm.
Life Forms – Weekends in July 1-4pm


The Amity Gallery, 110 Newport Bridge Road in Warwick, will hold a reception for artists Gerald Schultz and Betty Ann Robbins Greenwald on Saturday, June 8, from 5 to 7 p.m.

The show extends through June weekends, hours 1 to 4 p.m.

Gerald Schultz

“Making art involves all of me,” Schultz said in the press release announcing the exhibit. “ It starts with an idea or an emotional attitude towards an idea that propels me along culminating in an actual physical product. I step back in wonder while viewing the creation and sense that the piece was more the result of me being a channel than a creator.”

“My work thus far encompasses mobile sculpture, block printing, drawing and illustration,” Shultz added. “Through these various media, I am exploring the use and experiencing the vitality of materials, through form, color and line.”

He received a PhD in chemistry in 1997 from the Polytechnic University of New York, now the Tandon School of Engineering of New York University. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, he studied drawing and print making at the Art Student’s League in New York City.

Betty Ann Robbins Greenwald

Greenwald received a BFA in art from SUNY New Paltz and an MFA from Bard College.

She has been making art all of her life. Her parents schooled her as an artist, putting her in classes at an early age. As a teen she studied in adult art classes taught by an established artist who Lived in New York City.

Her work, she says, is a personal search exploring subconscious energies that manifest visually in color and form. Creating a visual aliveness with depth on a two-dimensional surface. Forms that call for thinking and questioning from the observer.


An Artful Reunion


The Sundwalls moved to Montgomery NY in 2015.  Married 27 years, they met in the art group at the School of Practical Philosophy in NYC.  They both study and tutor at a branch of the School in Wallkill Hamlet, where the core teaching is Advaita — non-duality.  The philosophy seeks to discover the unity which underlies the apparent diversity in the creation, and the same methods used to discover and know the ultimate reality of oneself can be applied to everything one does, including the making of art.

The basic principals are:

Self- aware, let the work begin from stillness

Allow the attention to rest on the work

Surrender all unnecessary thinking

Follow the flow of the work without seeking results

Joseph and Elizabeth rediscover themselves in the creative process.  When other concerns fall away, one can delight in the feel of the tools being used while simply watching the work take place.  In self-awareness there is also a profound appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the creation.  Ultimately, wherever you look you find yourself.

“It’s a gift to live a life with someone who is equally passionate about art and devoted to making it.  Although we work separately for long stretches of time, we can always rely on the other’s support and encouragement.  It’s ever illuminating to see what has emerged from our work each day, and to share new insights and discoveries that inform it and keep us going back to the easel.”

The Sundwalls will be working on site throughout the exhibition.  You are invited to talk to them about their materials, methods and approach to the work, or you can just look over their shoulders and watch it take place.