String Trio of New York


String Trio of New York


Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: 7:3
Contact: Pat Foxx- 845-258-0818

The String Trio of New York is an American jazz chamber ensemble. The group was founded in 1977 by bassist John Lindberg, violinist Billy Bang, and guitarist James Emery. Though they initially worked on improvisational playing and on their own compositions, they eventually began taking on commissions, as well as doing arrangements of other jazz musicians’ work. For over two decades, the Trio has been one of the most active touring ensembles of its kind and has performed hundreds of concerts throughout North America, Europe, East Asia, India, the Middle East, and North Africa. Their international jazz festival appearances include Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Vancouver, Toronto, Leipzig, Cracow worldwide, the Philadelphia Inquirer said that the Trio “…is solidly prepared, b, Victoria, Edmonton, Lovere, Tampere, Leverkusen, Warsaw and others. Hailed by critics ut offers the excitement of improvisation projected through unshakable musicianship.”

Featuring James Emery, Rob Thomas and Tony Marino

Suggested Donation: $15.00



James Garvey Vessels

James Garvey is a blacksmith with a differenceCaptureBlacksmith

James Garvey is a blacksmith with a difference. His love of creating metal sculptures is expressed by his statement,” Blacksmithing involves passion, intellect and full force physical input.” As an instructor in the Art Student League’s metal forging class he has been an inspiration to his students as well as having an accomplished career as a blacksmith and artist.

Garvey earned a BFA from Colorado State University. He was a student of Mrs. Louise March; a spiritual teacher and director of fine handcrafted objects. He later joined the New York City Ironworkers Union and participated in the repair of the Statue of Liberty.

An exhibition of his forged iron, sculptural Vessels and ink drawings will be on display every weekend in November from noon to 4 p.m. at the Amity Gallery, 110 Newport Bridge Road, Warwick, NY. The artists reception will be held on Saturday, November 3, from 5:00-7:00 PM. There will also be an Artist Talk on Saturday, December 1, at 1:00 PM. This is a rare opportunity to see Garvey’s work and to see the potential of forged iron as a sculptural media and process.


On Saturday, December 1, at 1:00 PM there will be an Artist Talk by James Garvey at the Amity Gallery in Warwick, NY.This will also be the last opportunity to see James Garvey’s exhibition at the Gallery. James will be explaining his process in creating forged metal sculpture and his life and career as an Artist/Blacksmith. The show is an extraordinary collection of his forged iron Vessels. The vessels demonstrate James’ skill as an artist blacksmith and his ability to express his concerns emotionally and spiritually through sculpture and forged metal.Following the Artist Talk there will be food, refreshments and an opportunity to talk with James and enjoy his work. It should be an entertaining and enlightening experience. Hopefully, James will be firing up his outdoor display, Tripod and Fire Bowl.Hope that you’ll be able to attend what I believe will be a great program. Please encourage friends interested in Sculpture and Metal Forging to come along.


The Art of the Harvest


It is harvest time!  Being in Warwick we are gifted by the abundance of the agriculture that surrounds us. We experience the beauty of fields,  people dedicated to growing food, the barns that house the cows, the tasty food.  To celebrate this abundance, the Amity Gallery presents The Art of the Harvest  with works by local artists. Participating artists are: Flavia Baccarelli, Demetre Bove, Roslyn Fassett, Pat Foxx, Janet Howard-Fatta, Heidi Lanino-Bilezkian Phyllis Lehman, Barbara Masterson, Geraldine Scalia, Susan Sciarretta,and Solveig Umbach.

Kick-Off Concert


The Amity Gallery salutes the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival with an exhibition of paintings and photographs by talented local artists whose artistry pays tribute to some of the great jazz musicians of our time.

Ron Gee, born in Los Angeles, studied art history and studio art at Princeton University.  Drawing from Eastern and Western sources, he often merges vocabularies that refer to both traditions. He derives inspiration from the past and the present, from his immediate natural surroundings as well as from his study of ancient Chinese philosophy and the practice of qigong. The portraits in this exhibit combine classical technique with expressionist exuberance.

Ian Sharp was a dynamic creative who used his artistic impulses to paint subjects that were close to his heart – spiritual and political icons as well as jazz masters.  He is remembered in his community as a force for good.

Milton Mesirow’s photographs of the Paris jazz scene are historical treasures. He is the son of ‘Mezz’ Mezzrow who was part of the jazz scene in Chicago, New York and Paris, France in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Spending time there with his father gave Mesirow access to jazz sessions where the great players interacted and made recordings that are still loved today. His photographs are informal, spontaneous, and insightful.

Gwen Schaffer is a jazz aficionado and artist.  She is known for putting down JAZZ as her religion when filling out paperwork. She studied art at Montclair State College. Her paintings express her admiration and deep connection to the famous players of the past.

The Reception of this exhibit on August 4 from 5 – 7 PM will be followed by a concert by the Hudson Valley Jazz Ensemble featuring Eric Person. Suggested donation: $15.

Bud Powell and Thelonius Monk on the Streets of Paris – Milt Mesirow

Charlie Parker by Gwen Schaffer

Parker’s Mood by Ron Gee

Miles Davis by Ian Sharp

Louis Armstrong by Hal Gaylor




















North Lights

Susan S. Cynthia, Daniel, Mitchell – need Susan Hope F. Mary Sealfon and osborne

North Light: A Painter’s Study at Amity Gallery in Warwick, NY is an exhibit curated by Cynthia Harris-Pagano that features works inspired by north light and includes pieces by Jeannette McGee, Cynthia Harris-Pagano, Susan Hope Fogel, Mary Mugele Sealfon, Susan Sciarretta, Mitchell Saler, Demetre Bove, Daniel Grant, and renown guest John Phillip Osborne. The exhibit is on display July 7 – July 29 and open weekends from noon-4pm or by appointment. An opening reception will be held Saturday, July 7 from 5-7pm. The gallery will also be open from Noon to 4pm the day of the reception.

The works in the show demonstrate the unique qualities of cool indoor north light.

Quote from Cynthia “ Since north light comes from a North-facing window, it is the coolest, most consistent, natural but indirect light from the sun. In looking and painting, I am invited to see color value and shadow tone vary subtly as mysteries of light.”

Mitchell Saler is a fine art painter who lives in Middletown, New York.  In 2009, he graduated with an Associate Degree in Visual Arts from Orange County Community College in Middletown, New York.  In 2011, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing, summa cum laude, from the State University of New York at New Paltz.  The university awarded him the Alex Martin Scholarship, and he has received awards in various art exhibits.  He has been exhibiting in a number of venues and is a represented artist at the Wallkill River School.  His works emphasize vastness, dramatic lighting, and atmospheric effects.  He is a Board Member of the Goshen Art League and the Wallkill River School and Art Gallery, and a member of the Orange County Arts Council, the Middletown Art Group, and the Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters.  His website is  He can also be found on Facebook at and on Instagram at and his works can be purchased online at

Information for attached painting: Yellow Daisies and Alstroemeria
oil on board

11 x 14″

by Mitchell Saler

Daniel Grant is

*a California native and graduate of Sonoma State College with BA in Philosophy and


*studied and worked, sculpting in stone and bronze in Pietrasanta, Italy;

*attended The Sculpture Center in NYC; lives, works and teaches at his home/studio in Westtown, NY and will teach children sculpture this summer at Free Spirit Nature Camp also in Westtown.

Entranced by the Hudson Valley, Mary enjoys plein air painting, portraiture and still life in pastel and oil. A third generation San Franciscan, she received a BA in painting at the University of California at Santa