N2K Trio

Saturday, November 19th 7:30PM

N2K is a composers collective disguised as a jazz trio. The group’s original music runs from traditional to fusion to funk to rock to folk to the avant garde. A cohesive sound is created thru their respect of dynamics, space and sensitivity to the moment, allowing breath and freedom of expression while always honoring form.

Jim Kunkel has composed music for independent films and documentaries such as the Aspects of the Arts series profiling the poet Dan Masterson and artist Frederick Franck. As leader and sideman he has performed and recorded as a guitarist since the late seventies. He was absent from the performance scene for 8 years while focusing on the healing arts. This Amity performance marks his return.
Mickey Kopchak has been playing bass professionally since the age of 10. He has performed and recorded with jazz and pop artists throughout the northeast ever since. Known not only for his sensitivity and presence, Mickey expands the sonic assignment of the bass by tastefully employing a multitude of effects creating rich and expansive soundscapes.

Al Natoli is a drummer that listens closely, responding in the moment with the sensibilities of a seasoned arranger. A multi instrumentalist, Al composes most often on piano and guitar,the drums being his preference for performance. His talents have brought him as far off to recording sessions and performances in Paris, France but he keeps it all closer to home these days performing in the Hudson Valley.

Shots From Above/Found Paintings

George Haling’s photographs, Discovered Paintings, are unmasked in construction machinery scrap yards, derelict factories, abandoned mining sites and shipyards. Details are isolated and framed out of context. Changing scale, position and perspective forces each subject to loose its recognizable original purpose. Time and space are transformed when an object is pushed from what it once was was to what it clearly wants to be.Haling is interested in transforming the ordinary, by selection and framing, into the extraordinary.

Garret Talbot is an ironworker who likes to take photos sometimes.

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, November 5, 2016, from 5 to 7 PM

Once Again

Woman and Poppy – Roslyn Fassett – pencil and watercolor on paper.
Woman and Poppy – Roslyn Fassett – pencil and watercolor on paper

Roslyn Fassett and Linda Rahl Nadas exhibited their paintings and sculptures together fifteen years ago in the Atlantic Gallery in New York City.  They chose to show their work together because they believe their work echoes each others.

Ceramic sculpture: Trees by Linda Rahl Nadas
Ceramic sculpture: Trees by Linda Rahl Nadas







Once Again, their show in September at the Amity Gallery, will bring them together again. Ms. Fassett has combined pencil drawing and watercolors of women in motion interwoven with  paintings of some of the favorite flowers growing in her garden – delphinium, parrot tulips and scarlet poppies. She is a graduate of the Cooper Union and is a member of the Prince Street Gallery.  She has taught African art history at SUNY Purchase.

Ms. Nadas has an MFA from Alfred University and has taught at OCCC, in public schools and in her studio.  Her one of a kind pottery forms and sculptures will be on display at the gallery. She says of her work: “I create with clay in a spontaneous way. By using form, texture, space, line, movement, color and light, my works become personal statements based on laws of chance. I expect viewers to translate in their own way whatever they may see.

The Hamlet of Amity: Its History, Mystery and Legends

dr richard hullDr. Richard Hull, Official Town Historian for Warwick, NY, visited the gallery back in May and shared his knowledge of the history of the hamlet of Amity. You can now view his talk at the following links:

The Hamlet of Amity: Its History, Mystery and Legends Part 1

The Hamlet of Amity: Its History, Mystery and Legends Part 2

Dr. Richard Hull is also the host of The Historical Society’s HISTORY ALIVE! On WTBQ 93.5FM/AM1110, Monday’s at 11AM.