New World Ramblers

Join us for an evening of genre-bending, foot-tapping acoustic music with The New World Ramblers.

April 15, 2023  7 pm

The New World Ramblers are three of the Hudson Valley’s finest acoustic musicians, guitarist Mike Kobetitsch, mandolinist Wayne Fugate and double-bassist Vin Warner. The three have been performing together for years now and it shows … they play together with a synergy that must be heard to be believed. With thoughtful arrangements that reimagine tunes in exciting ways, they truly define their own musical territory.

On this trio’s musical landscape, virtually any type of music is fair game: from the Beatles to Bartok to Bill Monroe, with excursions into Old-Time, Jazz and Celtic and even Scandinavian music, these three have something to offer every member of the listening audience. It’s all delivered in performances that are as warm, fun and inviting as they are polished, never less than musically captivating, and always in a way that directly involves the audience in the thrill of musical discovery.

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